To Autumn

this is the best thing that I’ve ever seen in print.

My First Fantasy Novel


To Autumn,

Junior high school was something, huh? To anyone else, I would have been nothing more than a loser, lunching all alone at my Table of Solitude. But, not to you. Since I had found myself to be the odd one out, you were the first to invite me in from the cold shoulders and demeaning air that stirs around one of those empty tables.

You sat with the bad kids, but you never belonged there. No, I don’t know how you ended up there. A gorgeous amethyst cast before swine.  With courage and healing, you touched me, brought me in from the cold. With that single touch, you brought my eyes to you. But, whenever you glanced my way, I was shy and turned away.

I remember the day I sat across the table from you. We were surrounded by the others, too. When my drink slipped down…

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Another hey there!

Nothing new today, same old same old. You really have to come out of your shell when you’re in high school and meeting other people. I have this grade 12 student who’s going to be tutoring me. We’re meeting up tomorrow, and i’m so freaking nervous. I really don’t feel like going, a.k.a i’m just really shy. She’s freaking cool, I’ve already met her, but.. i’m still super nervous even though it’s only studying! whatever, i can’t just not show up. I’m not like that! I have a freaking science test on Friday that i am NOT ready for. My friends b-day is tomorrow, and sooo.. the wickedly awesome person i am.. i made her a HUGE poster to go over the row of her locker and other peoples 😛 I’m psyched to see her expression. Also, tomorrow.. there’s the Halloween dance! This girl is making me go. And she’s hinted me on that this guy that i like id going to ask me.. ohhh boyyy.. Anyways! I have an assignment due tomorrow for technology.. F.U.N. Sooooo, any questions you guys have just comments and advice, hit me uppp! P.S I have been listening to this one radio station for the whole day.. non stop and no joke.

xoxo, confused little freshman  

High school

High school is really a lot easier than i thought it would be, and yes. i am a girl freshman, hating school like any other average teenager. I mean, i can’t say i hate it, but i just find it pointless! And if anyone thinks there’s popularity in high school? there isn’t. I’m a freshman and I’ve already realized that. It’s really a place to find who you are.. cheesy much? But it’s true! I was one of those popular girls last year who thought that’d i’d have the best life in high school and that’d i’d have the perfect boyfriend, perfect grades and stuff… but let’s face reality. Life isn’t what you want it to be. Me, i don’t have a perfect life, not even close, i don’t have a boyfriend and i definitely don’t have perfect grades. I try to have a perfect life, i want SO many things, but again. BOOM. reality comes and slaps you in the face. So, everyday (because i have no life) i’ll be here, writing what the heck happened that day, my exact thoughts on everything, People say that i’m a good problem solver and advice giver so.. anything you guys need? i’m here for you

xoxo, confused little freshman